Bonding Tips For A New Mother

mother bonding with babygames for babiesIt’s also been proven that a mother’s scent can potentially be recognized by a baby. If a baby’s crying for no reason at all, bring him or her near the mother and he or she stops crying completely. How do you explain this otherwise? Japanese researches have even gone a step further to prove that by simply smelling the breast milk of a mother, the infant will show lesser signs of distress as opposed to babies that were simply exposed to powdered milk or the breastmilk of another mother. This has led me to believe that a mother and a baby’s bond is as important as ever, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Looks like I’ll be keeping my baby close to me as much as I can after learning about this, not merely out of want, but need as well.

Breastfeeding a baby is one of the most important things that a mother should do. It only not only gives long term protection against future diseases, but it helps develop stronger bones as well. We’re talking about common and potentially fatal diseases such as celiac, diabetes and more.